Mentor a Student

Make a difference in your industry

Connecting with experienced mentors is one of the most meaningful parts of the program for our engineering students. The time commitment for mentorship is 1 hour a week throughout the 12-week program. Students passionately absorb and apply everything they can learn from software engineers, CTOs, engineering managers, data scientists, and machine learning specialists.

Mentorship requires volunteers to:

  • Try to dedicate one hour a week to your Mentee (this can be an in-person meeting, video chat, email exchanges, or code review — try to attune to your Mentee on how and when you may be most helpful to her goals)
  • We understand gaps in your career, but would appreciate all our Mentors to be fully employed while mentoring at Hackbright
  • Respond to emails within 24 hours (even if it’s to say you’re busy until X date)
  • Attend mock interview practice session with your mentee during Week 12
  • Support them in their project as they prepare for Demo Night
  • Be supportive and committed to the success of your Mentee!

We appreciate your support of our initiative to #changetheratio.