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Due to COVID-19, Hackbright’s next in-person courses may take place in late 2021. In the meantime, you can check out our available reduced-tuition remote courses.


Hackbright’s Online Python 101 coding bootcamp is designed to give you a taste of life as a coder, teach you the foundations of programming, and get you started on your software development journey.

Students who have completed Online Python 101 are eligible for up to a $695 discount if enrolling in the Software Engineering program. The discount is based on the price paid for Online Python 101.


What You’ll Learn in Python 101

You will leave this course with a foundation in Python. This course will also fulfill the 40-hour coding requirement for the Software Engineering Program and give you the skills to complete the coding challenge. Here’s what you’ll learn in Online Python 101:

    1. Data structures, Python tools, and Control Flow
    2. Coding fundamentals including conditionals, choices, and logic, for loops, while loops, and lists
    3. Solve a series of coding challenges and build your own adventure game
  • 1
    WEEK 1
    Foundations/Python Basics
  • 2
    WEEK 2
    Logic, Loops, Lists
  • 3
    WEEK 3
    Debugging, Errors, Functions
  • 4
    WEEK 4
    Command Line, Dictionaries
  • 5
    WEEK 5
    Coding Challenges

Request A Course Outline

Learn more about the curriculum covered in our Online Python 101 Course, including a detailed week-by-week breakdown.

typical week
5-8 hrs: Complete Modules
1 hr: Watch videos/read lesson materials
1-2 hrs: Complete Lab Exercises
5 min: Feedback surveys
4-6 hrs: Create an Adventure Game
2-3 hrs: Solve Coding Challenges
1 hr: Final Exam
1 hr: Final Course Consultation
1 hr: Coding Assessment
1 hr: Quiz
15 min: Reflection Video or Essay
Hackbright Academy Software Engineering Prep Students
topics covered

Key Takeaways:

  • Familiarity with Python
  • Debugging skills and error types
  • Greater comfort translating real-world problems into computer programs
  • Bootcamp application-level code challenges


  • High School Diploma required
  • Preferred: serious interest in pursuing a career in software engineering

You’ll also learn:

  • Programming Language (Python)
  • Developer Tools (Terminal, IDE)
  • Organizing Code (Variables, Functions, Files)
  • Programming Logic (Loops, Conditionals, Operators)
  • Basic Data Structures (Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples)
  • Solving Bootcamp Application Level Code Challenges
Hackbright Academy Instructor Allian Roman

Allian Roman


Hackbright Academy Meggie Mahnken

Meggie Mahnken

Sr. Director of Education

San Francisco

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Online Python 101 is 100% online with remote office hours for students to bring their questions.

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how to enroll

Hello future Hackbrighters! My name is Ashley Trinh and I’m the Program Director for Hackbright. As you continue to learn more about our community or are ready to start your application – do not hesitate to contact us at We look forward to meeting you!

Hackbright Academy Program Director Ashley Trinh

Ashley Trinh

Program Director for Hackbright

We recommend an understanding of the following concepts before enrolling in Hackbright’s Online Python 101 bootcamp program:

    • Variables
    • Data types (integers, strings, floats)
    • Lists/Arrays

Please don’t hesitate to contact if you have any questions about prerequisites and preparedness.

Complete the enrollment form, which includes basic contact info and an understanding of your experience in coding.

Hackbright Academy Program Director Ashley Trinh

Ashley Trinh

Program Director for Hackbright

Complete the enrollment form, which includes basic contact info and an understanding of your experience in coding.

Seating is limited to enroll today.

Please note: Hackbright Academy is not able to accept applicants from Minnesota to Online Python 101 at this time.


Experienced Instructors

Learn from a team invested in your success.

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Advisor Support

Remote Office Hours with your Course Admin for the duration of the course.

education beyond the classroom

Course Slack Workspace

Students are encouraged to collaborate on lab exercises, tutorials, and general course topics in Slack. Students may not use Slack to collaborate on assessments or quizzes.


Weekly assignments reinforce the concepts students learn during the week.

Personal Project

Students can engage concepts in unique and tangible ways as we guide them through the process of scoping, project planning, coding and refactoring. At the end of the course, students build a terminal-based game.

Technical Assessment

Upon completion of Online Python 101, students will participate in a technical assessment in order to understand where they stand in terms of concepts learned and to gauge their readiness to apply for the Software Engineering program.

ready to start learning python?

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