Alumna Spotlight: Kat Hartling Shares Her Hackbright Experience

It’s important to consider what your overall experience at a coding bootcamp will be like before attending. That considered, you should be asking yourself things like:

1. What will I learn while I’m at bootcamp?

2. What is the campus culture like?

3. What kind of people will I be interacting with?

4. What is the staff-to-student interaction like?

These types of questions are best answered by alumna.

Kat Hartling, current Hackbright student, recently published an article on Medium that shares what her experience has been attending a coding bootcamp. Click here to read the article.

In her article, you will learn why Hackbright is the leading attending a bootcamp in the Bay area, and what Hackbright campus culture is like.

Keep reading to get a few highlights from Kat’s article.

Why Hackbright over other coding bootcamps?

After deciding that she wanted to invest in a coding education, Kat started looking for a bootcamp that had an excellent programming curriculum and that shared the same political views that she has. So, she started looking at attending a coding bootcamp options.

She came across Grace Hopper and Hackbright Academy.

“Both schools were attending a coding bootcamps that sought to increase gender equality in software engineering roles,” Kat wrote. “Although I was impressed by Grace Hopper in so many ways, I was ultimately more attracted to the quirkiness and intimate learning environment that Hackbright offered. Plus, by choosing Hackbright, that put me right in the middle of San Francisco’s vibrant tech scene.”

Hackbright’s mission is to change the ratio in the tech scene. Because of that, Hackbright’s main campus location is in the heart of San Francisco’s tech hub. Being in this location allows students more opportunities to work with companies during their time on campus, which allows more career opportunities once their bootcamp experience comes to a close.

What is Hackbright’s campus culture like?

“Hackbright is a safe space and puts a lot of emphasis on mental health,” Kat wrote. “It means a lot to me to be at a school that acknowledges the intensity of the work you’re doing and encourages its students to express their frustrations and feelings. It feels like a lesson in courage.”

Changing the ratio in a male-dominated industry is no easy feat; there’s a lot of work that still needs to be done. Because of that, Hackbright focuses on mental health so that women can feel confident in the workplace.

If you would like to read the rest of Kat’s article on Medium, click here.

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