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Announcing Our NEW Part-Time Software Engineering Program!
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BIG NEWS! We’re Celebrating the Grace Hopper Conference by Giving Away TWO Partial Scholarships to Hackbright!
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Meet Alex Katkova: Instructor for Hackbright’s Part-Time Prep Course
Hackbright Prep is coming to the South Bay!
Hackbright Welcomes Alice Hill as CEO
Calling all Women! Join HACKING FOR HUMANITY – July 8th and 9th in SF!
Calling all Trailblazers! Win a FULL Scholarship to Hackbright Academy!
Meet Christian Howes: Instructor for Hackbright’s Part-Time Prep Course
Amazing Web Apps Built by Brilliant Gender Diverse Engineers!
Hackbright releases latest student outcomes results in the Council on Integrity of Results Reporting (CIRR)
#GlobalEngineer Day – Hackbright Grad Creates App for Good
Amazing Web Apps Built by 43 Brilliant Women Engineers!
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51 Brilliant Web Apps Built by Gender Diverse Engineers!
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Engineering Manager at SurveyMonkey: Sara Gottlieb, Hackbright Alumna
Tips & Tricks: How to Finish Your Hackbright Application in One Weekend
3 Pieces of Courage
Get to Know Nadine Farah: Associate Instructor for Hackbright’s Full-Stack Web Development Course
Info Session for Hackbright Academy Fall 2015 Prospective Students (Video)
Blind Auditions for Developer Roles with GapJumpers: Are You Ready for the Challenge?
From Little Coding Experience To Winning Google’s Summer of Code: Hackbright Part-Time Student Shares Her Path Into Tech
Hackbright Tech Talk: Debugging in Python by Hackbright Alumna Jessica Mong (Video)
Info Session for Part-Time Courses! (Video)
Current Software Engineering Fellow Gives Insight into Week One at Hackbright!
Meet Intro to Programming Course Instructor Rachel Walker! She’s on a Mission to Show That Programming is FUN
VIDEO: The Move to Becoming a Software Engineer – Hackbright Graduates Share Their Journey!
Code Night: Fun Nighttime Coding Classes for All Levels
Hairstylist takes Hackbright’s Intro to Programming course and builds an awesome language processing app 10 weeks later
Hairstylist Takes Hackbright’s Intro to Programming Course and Builds an Awesome Language Processing App!
Hairstylist Takes Hackbright’s Intro to Programming Course and Builds an Awesome Language Processing App!
Hairstylist takes Hackbright’s Intro to Programming course and builds an awesome language processing app 10 weeks later
Hairstylist Takes Hackbright’s Intro to Programming Course and Builds an Awesome Language Processing App!
Hackbright Academy accepting applications for Summer software engineering fellowship!
Hackbright Academy Forms Trade Association with Other Industry Leaders To Set New Education Standards
Hackbright Academy Partners with White House to Launch TechHire Initiative
Security Engineering Talks Hosted At NCC Group
40 Projects in 4 Weeks
Welcome Hackbright Alumna Anna Akullian, Junior Instructor For Hackbright Academy’s New Part-Time Courses!
New “Intro to Programming For Non-Programmers” Night Course At Hackbright Academy!
12 Great Pieces Of Advice From Software Engineers With Diverse Backgrounds
Engineering School Hackbright Academy Hiring INSTRUCTORS In San Francisco!
Hackbright Application Tips – From Your Fall 2014 Cohort!
What Do Hackbright Grads Do After Hackbright Academy?
Want a career change? Applications for Hackbright’s Winter Software Engineering Fellowship are Open!
Inside Scoop On How To Win A Hardware Hackathon, Despite Being New to Hardware! Team “A Graceful Exit” Explains The Learning Process
Hackbright Academy’s Silicon Chef hosts over 200 makers in sold out women-centric hardware hackathon!
L’Oreal and Hackbright Academy join forces to provide scholarship for Winter 2015 Session!
Women-Centric Hardware Hackathon: Silicon Chef (September 27-28, 2014 in San Francisco)
How To Find The Next Sheryl Sandberg?
Cultivating Happiness and Access at #HackbrightForGood, Prizes Awarded To Winning Teams
Save 20% on O’Reilly Conferences with “HACKBRIGHT20”
Hack for Good this May 3-4 in San Francisco with Hackbright Academy! #hackbrightforgood
Hackbright Alum Featured in Fast Company Labs Article on Coding Bootcamps
BeMyApp Factory Hack (March 28-30) Adopts Hackbright Academy Hackathon Code of Conduct
Make A #HackentinesDay E-Card, and Then Tweet It To Friends on Friday!
Interview with Shannon Burns, Spring 2014 Hackbright Student & Founder of the CodeShannon Fund!
Join Us For Hackentine’s Day on February 8
Fund A Hackbright Engineering Fellow This Spring 2014!
Supporting High School Girls Who Build Android Apps For Technovation Challenge
PyCon 2014 Speakers Include Hackbright Graduates!
Learning to Code? Join Hackbright for a women’s dinner at GitHub this Dec. 10th in San Francisco!
New part-time classes for software engineers available this winter at Hackbright Academy!
Hackbright Academy Proudly Participates In “Tech Gives Back” This Holiday Season
Infographic: Increasing Jobs In Tech Being Filled By Women
Mark Zuckerberg, Angry Birds and Hackbright Academy Want 10 Million People To Code This December 9-15
A Closer Look: Analyzing Diversity In Your Workplace
Future of Food Hackathon Adopts Code of Conduct from Hackbright Academy
Hackbright Co-Founder Speaking At DevBeat 2013 – And Save 30% On DevBeat Tickets With Discount Code “Bright”
Hackbright Academy Code of Conduct for Hackathons Adopted for Next Week’s Retsly Real Estate Hackathon
LAUNCH Hackathon First To Adopt Code of Conduct From Hackbright Academy
How To Have An Awesomely Inclusive and Radically Transparent Hackathon
Women-Centric Hardware Hackathon – In Pictures!
Pedagogy: Why Only Female Students At Hackbright Academy
Why Does Hackbright Academy Only Accept Women Into The Engineering Fellowship Program?
Hardware Hackathon for Women: Silicon Chef (October 5-6, 2013)
Hackbright Academy Graduates 24 Engineering Fellows This Summer 2013
Definitely Does Compute – Hackbright Girl Geek Dinner
Hackbright Academy Career Day – Summer 2013 Edition
More Than Just My Mom
Hackbrights Present Tech Talks at SheCodes Conference 2013
Eventbrite VP of Engineering Pat Poels Speaks at Hackbright
Scholarships for Hackbright Academy Students
Zed Shaw Visits Hackbright Academy
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