Make A #HackentinesDay E-Card, and Then Tweet It To Friends on Friday!


Learn the basic building blocks of HTML, CSS and JavaScript by building a Valentine’s Day e-card of your very own! #HackentinesDay with Uber software engineer Martha Kelly Girdler!A week before Valentine’s Day, a hundred women (and a few good men) hacked on Hackentine’s Day e-cards to the tune of an awesome Hackentine’s Day Rdio playlist.

Uber software engineer Martha Kelly (@MarthaKelly) made this easy-to-follow Hackentine’s Day e-card tutorial for people new to HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

To start, all you need is Sublime text editor or Textmate installed on your computer, as well as a browser like Chrome.

Make a #HackentinesDay e-card! First, download this project. Then, complete the tutorial by Martha to make a fun Hackentine’s Day e-card with HTML/CSS/JavaScript – personalized for your favorite people! Go on, get creative! Get hacking!

Hackentine’s Day participants made some fun e-cards:

Kasey Jean Robinson deployed to GitHub “Hello World… Talk Nerdy To Me!”
Siena Aguayo deployed to GitHub “Roses are #FF0000, Violets are #0000FF, All of my base are belong to you.”
Liz Borchardt deployed to Github “Won’t you be my valentine?
Brittany Martin deployed to Heroku “Valentine, will you be my Player 2?”
Christina Pan deployed to GitHub “HEY GIRL…” – a Silicon Valley Ryan Gosling e-card!

Share your e-card with us!

Tweet a link to your e-card on Friday (Valentine’s Day!) with hash tag #hackentinesday and we’ll add it to the list of fun #HackentinesDay e-cards above!

How to Host your E-Card for FREE on GitHub Pages

GitHub accountant Alyson La (@TaxAly) posted her e-card on GitHub and shared this handy tutorial on how to publish your e-card to GitHub!

Watch Aly’s YouTube tutorial on publishing your e-card to GitHub here:

Don’t forget to share your e-card with us by tweeting a link with hash tag #hackentinesday this Friday 🙂

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