Hairstylist Takes Hackbright’s Intro to Programming Course and Builds an Awesome Language Processing App!


Meet Valeria – Styling hair by day, learning to code by night. Valeria (pictured on the right) recently completed Hackbright’s Intro to Programming course and despite having no coding experience, she created a language processing app that imitates the writing style of the text it reads. Not only does the program imitate the writing style, but it creates a tweet based on it. (Go, Valeria!)

We asked Valeria a few questions…

Valeria, in the yellow sweater, new nothing about programming before enrolling. She created an app using the Twitter API by the end of the course!

Why did you decide to take this course?
I was wondering about the whole programming thing. My husband encouraged me to try it to see if I would like it. I liked it a lot! I would not say it is easy, it is very different, but I do enjoy it!

What do you enjoy about it?
It’s a very different set of skills that I’m learning right now from what I normally use — I’m a hairstylist. So for me, I’m surprised that I actually do understand stuff that our teachers teach us because I thought that I wouldn’t. But quickly I realized, “Yeah, I can do that!”

What do you like particularly about Intro to Programming?
First of all, it’s an introduction. I like it because it has a structure. The teachers explain to us structure by structure, and in the end, it all makes sense. It is easy to understand. I was worried it wouldn’t be that easy but it’s nice and exciting. 

What kinds of things have you learned?
Well everything that I know right now – how programming works, how we use it, all the things in programming and everything is new… My husband was so excited when I came home. I said we are learning for loops and while loops. He said, “What!? You know that already? That’s awesome!” He used to program on the side. 

Would you recommend this course?
Yes. The second I learned about this course I told my friend, “You have to take this with me!” It’s new and amazing, and she actually did. If someone wants to try something new, they should definitely try Hackbright.

Our next set of Intro to Programming courses in San Francisco begin soon! If you’d like to learn more, RSVP to our Info Session on March 10th.

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