How To Be A Better Junior Developer (Video)


New developer from a non-CS background? What about someone you mentor?

Hackbright alumna and New Relic engineer Katherine Wu shares junior developers focus on building technical knowledge, while “they already have other skills that can help them in their roles immediately! Some of these include helping their team focus on the right tasks and working well with stakeholders like PM and support.”

In Katherine’s talk, she discusses non-technical contributions junior developers can make, and how senior developers and mentors can help:

Read the full article at New Relic’s blog about how to ask good questions (and to get the help you need) as a junior developer.

About the speaker: Katherine studied Biology in college and was all set to attend medical school and fulfill her mother’s dream of my becoming a doctor. Instead, she got a job at Google in tech support and after five years at Google, she took a sabbatical to attend Hackbright Academy as an engineering fellow! Katherine is currently a developer at New Relic. Follow her on Twitter at @kwugirl.

Deadline to apply for Hackbright Academy’s Summer 2015 engineering fellowship is April 30, 2015! Start your application today to become a Hackbright Academy engineering fellow – it’s free to apply.

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