Jasmine Tsai

Finance Consultant to Software Engineer at Change.org
My journey to engineering was a slightly convoluted one, but it was chiefly instigated by a desire to make things— more specifically, for social impact. I am exactly where I want to be.
Jasmine Tsai
June 2008
Jasmine graduated from University of Pennsylvania

U-Penn She earned her BA in Economics and International Relations

July 2008 to December 2011
Worked at a “safe” job in investment banking and consulting for a few years after graduation

finance1 Deep down, always finds herself “perpetually slightly restless and itching to create”

Aug 2012
Jasmine participates in a Write-A-Thon in San Francisco

253162_10100469378114297_942816791_n (1)

Jasmine enjoys writing on her free time. The drawing above was done by famous author Dave Eggers while Jasmine was participating in a San Francisco Write-a-thon. You can see her incredible writing on her blog and on Medium.

October 2011 to December 2012
Jasmine wants to create a non-profit community app but is hampered by her lack of technical knowledge

liz lemon

Due to her desire to do something more meaningful, decides to start a non-profit community platform with a friend, but realizes their technical limitations hinder them from shaping the platform. The seed is planted for her to begin looking into coding.

March to May 2013
Jasmine takes the leap and attends Hackbright Academy!

Jasmine considers getting her Masters in Computer Science, but ultimately decides to attend Hackbright Academy instead. She becomes part of the Spring 2013 class!

“Although I decided to take up coding and found that I loved it, I felt unsure about pursuing it full time until I had the fortune of meeting someone at Hackbright who believed in me enough to talk sense into me and give me more guidance.” Read about Jasmine’s Hackbright experience.

Despite her prior misconceptions, Jasmine finds that coding is a creative outlet

“The one thing that I wish I had known about computer science (and programming more generally) earlier is that it is a profoundly creative and interdisciplinary pursuit. Coding is a process of both synthesis and genesis; not only is it guided by rules and syntax, but also something you create from scratch (like you would with a painting or a novel).” – Jasmine, What I Wish I Knew About Computer Science Earlier

June 2013
A month after completing Hackbright Academy, Jasmine accepts a full-time offer to work as a software engineer at Change.org

change photo
She uses Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and Node.js to provide full-stack support for her team.

“Love the people, love the office, love the inspiring victories.”