Jessica McElroy

Public Policy to Software Engineer at Getable
I found that I really love programming: I love how it combines creativity, logic, and problem-solving and how it challenges you to constantly teach yourself new tools and concepts.
Jessica McElroy
May 2012
Jessica graduated from Rice University


Jessica earned a B.A. in Sociology and Urban Policy.

“The job market was even more competitive than I expected, and it was six months before I finally got a full-time offer. In addition to applying for jobs I kept myself busy by working odd jobs (barista, research assistant, campaign volunteer) and getting into long distance running!”

December 2012 - May 2014
Moved to the Bay Area for a job as a public policy research assistant

Though she appreciated the value of social research work, Jessica found that producing research papers wasn’t motivating, and she craved the experience of building something more concrete with a more direct impact.

“I started to learn a little bit of statistical programming in Stata at my job, and it was the one task where I found myself getting into a state of flow. It was so fun and engaging, and I wanted to do more!”

Jessica begins to sign up for free coding tutorials and hackathons

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“It awakened parts of my brain and a sense of play about learning that had been dormant for too long. I was also really excited about the idea of using technology to improve government and social services. I had gone to an Open Oakland civic hack nights and was so inspired by the projects they were working on. I wanted to contribute but felt that I didn’t know enough about coding to be of help.”

She ultimately decides to research coding schools.

May 2014
Jessica applies and is accepted to Hackbright Academy!


“When I got accepted, it felt incredibly exciting and validating! I knew that Hackbright’s amazing instructors would vastly accelerate the learning process and that being a part of a supportive community would make a successful career change more attainable.”

April 2014 - September 2014
Jessica fulfills a dream of going on a solo bike tour across the country

jessica mc

Before starting Hackbright, Jessica goes on a solo bike tour from Virginia to Oregon and back to San Francisco.

“Crossing the country on bike was something I’d dreamed of doing for a long time, and it was an incredible adventure and growing experience.”

September 2014 - December 2014
Jessica attends Hackbright Academy!

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“Hackbright was intense and immersive but also a lot of fun. Developing a full-stack web application gave me a good foundation as well as confidence in my ability to learn new technologies.”

Jessica lives out her desire to volunteer to civic tech projects

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 12.44.32 PM

“I’m working with a team at Code for San Francisco to develop a web app that visualizes the construction pipeline in the city and encourages people to attend public hearings in favor of new housing.”

February 2015
Joins Getable as a Software Engineer


“I love my job! It’s really cool to be part of a small team at an early-stage startup with a product I believe in. “