Micki Balder

Web Development Intern to Software Engineer at Food52
I loved being part of a group of women that were all headed in the same direction as me.
Micki Balder
May 2009
Micki graduated from New York University


She earned her BS in Media, Culture, and Communication

May 2009 - 2011
She worked various jobs in the food service industry given her passion for cooking but found herself frustrated at job prospects


“After school, I moved back home and worked at a bakery for a number of years. That parlayed into a short internship working for the Good Food Awards in San Francisco, but when I returned I was frustrated with my job situation — I was bored of working in food service, yet other food-related jobs were hard to come by.”

Cooking, baking and swing dancing are all a huge part of Micki's life that relax her


“One of the ways I met so many software engineers to begin with was because they’re all swing dancers!”

February 2013 - May 2014
Web Development Intern for start-up


“I knew some people through the bakery that were starting an engineering services company and needed some initial help with marketing. I started there, and ultimately ended up taking on an intern-esque role as web developer. A few months there trying to teach myself to code was exactly the impetus I needed to apply to Hackbright!”

September 2014 - December 2014
Micki joins Hackbright Academy!

Micki_HB2 (1)

“I loved having a group of women that were all headed in the same direction as me. I also appreciated having supportive instructors and informative lectures all of which helped me work through the industries best practices and most annoying quirks which would have so much harder when I was on my own!”

February 2015
Micki accepts her positions as a software engineer at Food52!


“The goal was always to ultimately link food and tech together, but I had just assumed that that would be a ways down the road! When I saw the job opening on their site, I devoted virtually all of my mental resources to applying and networking for that particular position — it was the dream job after all, and 7-8 years earlier than I’d expected it. I’ve been a user of the site for many years, I love their mission, and I couldn’t think of a better place for me. Luckily, it worked out! I love my job, my team is an unbelievably supportive group of engineers, and I feel fulfilled by and am excited about the company I work for.”