Is a Python Bootcamp Worth It?

While possible, learning Python all by yourself can be difficult, so, the question is: Is a Python bootcamp worth it? With added structure and support, you may find that what was once daunting and confusing has become more accessible and within reach. Whether or not that’s worth it depends on what your personal and professional goals are for learning Python.

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What Is a Bootcamp and How Can It Help You Learn Python?

What Is a Bootcamp and How Can It Help You Learn Python?

A coding bootcamp is a place where you can quickly learn programming languages like Python and other technical skills through prepared course material. At Hackbright Academy, bootcamp courses are centered around Python, but a full-stack (front-end and back-end coding languages) are taught in the Software Engineering course.

What Job Can I Get If I Learn Python?

Learning Python can help prepare you for a career in software engineering or development. And, even though you may begin your career only knowing Python, you can learn additional programming languages to broaden your knowledge and opportunities.

As a software engineer, you can work on front-end, back-end, or full-stack projects. Both startups and established companies can have positions available for software developers.

Is Python a Good First Programming Language to Learn?

Is Python a Good First Programming Language to Learn?

One of the reasons we teach Python at Hackbright Academy is that it’s known for being a beginner-friendly programming language. Since its syntax is similar to English, native English speakers can have a simpler time learning and implementing Python. It is also a versatile language that allows for multiple solutions through different problem-solving approaches.

Which Programming Language Should I Learn After Python?

Depending on your goals, it might be a good idea to learn multiple programming languages, but what’s the best programming language to learn after Python? If you decide to get a job as a software engineer at a company, it may be best to focus on any programming languages they use besides Python. If not, you can focus on other popular languages like JavaScript or SQL.

What Can You Do with Python Personally and Professionally?

What Can You Do with Python Personally and Professionally?

Python is known for being a back-end language, but it is also known for being incredibly versatile, so there is a lot you can do with it. For instance, even though Hackbright alumnae graduate with a Python-focused software engineering portfolio, their projects are unique.

What Fun Things Can You Do with Python?

  • Monitor and analyze data that interests you (go spreadsheets!)
  • Automate repetitive tasks at work and home
  • Build Python-heavy websites for a variety of subjects
  • Raspberry Pi projects — Need we say more?
  • Create Twitter, Discord, and other bots

Getting Started Is as Easy as Getting a Course Outline

If you’re thinking about enrolling at a coding bootcamp to learn Python, check out Hackbright Academy’s Prep course, centered around Python. You can get your course outline to learn more about the course by filling out this form. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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