Hackbright Academy Currently Accepting Applications For Upcoming Spring 2015 Engineering Fellowship!

Hackbright Academy is excited to be recruiting for our next cohort of smart, inspiring people ready to make a mark in the tech world! If you’d like to learn more about the Spring software engineering fellowship, below is a video of our recent Info Session. The deadline to apply is February 6th, 2015. We accept applications on a rolling basis so we strongly encourage you to apply early in order to increase your chances of admittance.

In the video, you’ll hear about the fellowship program from the perspective of the staff and alumnae, and you’ll also get answers to the most commonly asked admissions questions directly from our admissions officer!

Highlights in the video above:

At minute 02:42 – Meet TA Meggie Mahnken and Director of Fellowship Education Joel Burton

At minute 22:30 – Hear about alumnae experiences from Ugaso Sheik-Abdi, Change.org software engineer and Lauren Turner, Pandora software engineer

At minute 39:22 – Get tips from Hackbright admissions officer Kristen Yarbrough as she answers audience questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What fields do Hackbright Academy alumnae typically come from?

Arts. Publishing. Education. Finance. Sciences. Unemployed. Underemployed. Students. Marketing. Project Management. Our alumnae come from all walks of life. The most important thing is that you have the drive to learn.

Who is this for?

Our ideal candidate has an inspired desire to learn software development. You may have no experience at all, or, you may have some technical experience but want an immersive environment to become a good developer. Maybe you gave a few programming tutorials a try but you’re eager for a little more structure. You may have even took a CS class once in high school or made a mod for your favorite game. We’ve had very good success teaching absolute beginners.

What you know is much less important than what you can learn.

If you’re a little more advanced, you’re welcome too! You may not need to sit through the early material, but if you want a place to work on a personal project, surrounded by smart people who can keep you motivated, you’ll find that here.

What is Hackbright like?

To get a feel for what Hackbright is like, check out the video below:

Siena Aguayo, Hackbright alumna and Indiegogo software engineer, has also put together a great presentation describing her experience:

If you’re considering being a software engineer this year, we hope you’ll apply! There are only four fellowships per year.


“It is rare that you can point to specific decisions that change your entire life, but attending Hackbright was clearly one of those decisions. The last 10 weeks have changed a lot of things in my life, but the biggest change is that I am truly happy now. “
Kelley Robinson, Hackbright Alumna
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