TGIF! Earlier in the week we were thrilled to launch our new Oakland campus and partner with the Kapor Center in Oakland for a very special East Bay coding panel. In honor of our new location, and in recognition of the many other great bootcamp programs that attended, we dove into Interesting Engineering’s comprehensive guide to software engineering.

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Here’s what we’re reading – May 11

The Ultimate Guide to Software Engineering, Software Development, Computer Engineering and Becoming a Software Developer by Interesting Engineering.

If you’re interested in a career in software engineering, computer engineering, or software development this guide is an invaluable resource. It provides advice, explanation, and in-depth information on what these distinct but related fields entail.

We especially appreciate the detail paid to the evolution of computer science. Learn about Ada Lovelace, the history of software engineering and development, and where it’s projected to go next.

Finally, this piece offers insight into the various fields and job options for software engineers, and different education options available to those interested in breaking into tech. It explores the salaries for each field, and breaks down the best education options on a global scale.

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