Great Engineering Teams Hire Engineers from Hackbright

Men aren’t the only ones who use technology. So why should they be the only ones developing it? Successful tech companies are realizing that when it comes time to hire engineers for software development, you should never overlook qualified female talent.   

Hackbright Academy is the leading engineering school for women in San Francisco. We graduate more female software engineers per year than Stanford and UC Berkeley. So, if your hiring female engineers, then Hackbright is a great place to find them. 

Become a hiring partner of Hackbright Academy to be invited to our quarterly recruiting events — your recruiters will be among the first to interview our talented graduates! If you’re looking for great employees to bring on board, Hackbright has talented engineers for hire. So skip the job posting site, and take a look at some of the advantages of becoming a Hackbright hiring partner.

Ching-Yu Hu

Co-Founder, Skybox Imaging (acquired by Google)

Hackbright Academy boldly addresses tech’s diversity challenges by building a factory of talented women software engineers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. We attended a Career Day and yielded a gifted software engineer, a star performer still on our team 3 years later!”

Selina Tobaccowala
President & CTO, SurveyMonkey

Hackbright Academy attracts smart, driven women and provides them with a fantastic environment where they can quickly but effectively learn software development and ultimately become skilled coders.

Darin Swanson

VP of Engineering, New Relic

I am always excited by the energy and talent exhibited at Hackbright’s Career Day. New Relic has been attending since the very first Career Day. We are one of the program’s biggest fans, with six Hackbright alumnae on the New Relic team and the hope for more!”

A Few of Our Hiring Partner Companies

Common Clarity by Katie S, Engineering Fellow

GitHub | View App  CommonClarity transforms standardized test data into a visual, interactive reporting dashboard for teachers, to help inform and target instruction. Data-driven instruction has grown in popularity with the rise of standardized testing. In many districts around the country, students take standardized tests nearly every other month. These tests generate a huge amount of data, which teachers are expected to utilize to inform instruction; however, they lack the time and the tools to make sense of it. CommonClarity makes it easy for teachers to upload their data and instantly generate a dashboard of reports, showing their students’ strengths and weaknesses according to Common Core State Standards. Data are grouped in useful ways to expose patterns and track progress so that teachers can better help students improve.

Wikigraph by Erika A, Engineering Fellow

GitHub | View App What connects two topics on Wikipedia? For example, how many links do you have to click to get from Harry Potter to the Spanish Inquisition?* Combining trivia nerdery with graph theory, wikiGraph allows users to find and explore the paths within Wikipedia. *It takes a minimum of 3 clicks. Here’s one path: Harry Potter -> British literature -> the spread of the printing press -> the Spanish Inquisition

Bikelist by Jessica M, Engineering Fellow

GitHub | View App BikeList is an alternative used bike marketplace that introduces more transparency in the bike buying process so you can rest assured that your purchase will not contribute to the cycle of bike theft. BikeList integrates with BikeIndex, an open-source bike registry, to verify that listed bikes are not stolen and uses Facebook OAuth to tie listings to the seller’s online identity. A smooth user interface and features such as location-based search, bike-specific search filters, detailed bike specs, and info guides further enhance the bike buyer’s experience.