Change Your Career at a Software Engineering Bootcamp

At Hackbright Academy, students learn how to code on their journeys to become software engineers. We know each student will have to hit the job market as part of their job search once they’ve graduated from the program, which is why we help prepare them. We offer career coaching as part of our software engineering curriculum to help grads make their way to job placements.

Add Programming Languages to Your Skill Set

Add Programming Languages to Your Skill Set

Adding the right programming language to your resume is important, which is why we teach Python at Hackbright. This beginner-friendly coding language is ideal for learners starting out, and it is also versatile enough to be used by small and large tech companies. Python is a strong foundational language from which other programming languages can be learned.

Learn more about Python and the tech stack we teach.

Design Web Applications in an Immersive Program

Design Web Applications in an Immersive Program

Part of attending a coding bootcamp is getting the structure and support you need to make learning new skills simpler. At Hackbright, you can design Python-based web applications in our immersive programs. Some of the projects you take on will be individual while others will be in part of a group. At the end of the program, you’ll have a portfolio to show hiring managers.

Learn more about the Software Engineering course.

Take Part in Pair Programming and Mock Interviews

Take Part in Pair Programming and Mock Interviews

At Hackbright, you can learn about pair programming and take part in mock interviews. Our career coaching services are available to current students as well as graduates. Our Admissions team would also be happy to answer any questions you have about our technical interview.

Send an Admissions counselor a message.

Start Learning Computer Science Fundamentals

If you want to change your career with a software engineering bootcamp, start with the basics. You can learn the fundamentals of the programming language Python in Hackbright’s 5-week Prep course. It can all start with a few hours a week.

Learn more about Hackbright’s mission to #ChangeTheRatio.

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