Here’s How Checkr Made Recruiters Out of Their Hiring Managers


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I’m not about to blow any minds with this, but it’s a crucial part of a finely tuned recruiting engine and it bears repeating: a high level of investment from hiring managers makes a recruiter’s life much, much easier.

Typically, hiring manager involvement includes scoping the requirements of the role for the sake of a job description, reviewing potential candidates, assembling an interview panel, and then sitting back and letting the recruitment team work their magic.

At Checkr, it’s a much different story. Enter Arthur Yamamoto, Director of Talent Acquisition. Arthur has achieved some seriously impressive top-down recruitment buy-in, and it’s resulted in tasks that have traditionally fallen to recruiters being taken on by the hiring managers. Among other things, hiring managers are responsible for sourcing 20% of their on-site candidates, a number which has been included in company-wide OKRs.

In this latest installment of your favorite recruiting podcast, Arthur discusses the far reaching extent to which hiring managers have become involved, the training necessary to turn hiring managers into recruiters, and even gets in to the impressive progress Checkr has made in regards to diversity hiring. You can listen to the whole episode below, and don’t forget to subscribe via iTunesGoogle Play, or anywhere else fine podcasts are streamed.

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