Siena Aguayo

Project Manager to Software Engineer at Indiegogo
I ultimately chose Hackbright because of the community- it became apparent after poking around on social media, that Hackbright has an incredibly strong community and that would be a huge asset.
Siena Aguayo
June 2010
Siena graduated from Oberlin College

She earned her BA in English and East Asian Studies

October 2010 to May 2013
Worked at tech company doing project management


Siena is hired in an entry-level position to do sales, but quickly transfers to the technical side of the house in project management.

“I loved the parts of my job where I got to do some front-end development, but the rest of it made me miserable. I knew I had stayed too long at a place that wasn’t a good fit for me, but I didn’t have an exit strategy.”

When she isn't working, Siena studies Japanese on a daily basis due to her passion for Japanese language and culture


“In my spare time, I read novels in Japanese (my favorite Japanese author is Haruki Murakami), play video games, watch good television, practice Muay Thai, and try to eat as much delicious food and drink as much incredible coffee as I can get my hands on.”

September to December 2013
Attends Hackbright Academy!


Siena learns about Hackbright Academy and ultimately becomes a Fall 2013 software engineering fellow. After 10 weeks of hard work, she becomes a software engineer.

“Even though I was interested in web development from such an early age, I never really considered it something I could build a career on since I hadn’t majored in Computer Science. Becoming a software engineer has been incredibly empowering.”

October 2013
Siena builds a product at Hackbright's Silicon Chef Hardware Hackathon

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 2.03.58 PMWhile pursuing her fellowship, Siena creates the Oprah Magic-8 Ball. She and her Hackbright teammates program an Arduino to display randomly generated Oprah quotes on an LED screen when you shake it!

February 2014
Hired as a full-time software engineer at Indiegogo

10407200_886956291324780_363502583895127049_n (1)Life after graduation: Happily employed at Indiegogo as a software engineer! Among her first endeavors? Joining the company band playing guitar.

July 2014
Siena launches her first mobile app

Indiegogo App Just six months into her new position as a software engineer, Siena celebrates Indiegogo’s international app launch with the mobile team! Siena also becomes a founding member of Indiegogo’s Android team.

“I was part of a small team that shipped our first iOS app in July. There was only one other engineer on the team when I came in after finishing Hackbright, and it was a really valuable experience to be able to work so closely with a platform expert. I feel incredibly lucky that I have been able to work with such an amazing team.”